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Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? 

Somehow stuck in your life? 

Need support to untangle your thoughts and wants?

Do you want to lose weight and/or feel strong, fit and healthy in your body and in your mind?

Get your old self back, or finally reach your long planned goals?

But life is just too busy? Too exhausting most of the time?

You're not alone! It's a common phenomenon in our fast-paced world.

Let me offer you support and guidance, a space to reflect and help you find solutions to move forward and create a life you really enjoy.


Discover and reactivate "Your Inner Strength"!

Have breakthroughs, get inspired and motivated

and start living a happier and fulfilled Life!

Hi there,

my name is Rachel, I'm 52 and live and work close to Wellington in New Zealand.

I have a vast variety of life experiences, which you can read more about in the "About" section.

I'm an ANZCAL accredited certified Life and Mindset Coach. I am also a professional trained ADHD Parent Support Coach, and a trained Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist and hold a current Certificate as a New Zealand Lifekeeper (Aotearoa NZ Suicidal Prevention Training).



I teach proven strategies and tools, give support and accountability to inspire you to find new motivation and energy to finally reach your goals!

I offer personalised and affordable coaching packages of three sessions at a time, which are often sufficient and offer individual check in/accountability sessions, if needed to keep you on track. 

Get in touch for your free initial consultation! 

I can either see you in person, over Zoom calls or any other preferred video chat media and via phone calls.

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Crossing the River



Heading 1

"Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life."

-Tony Robbins

If you do what you've always done,

you'll get what you've always gotten.

-Tony Robbins

Foggy Waters


“I highly recommend Life and Mindset coaching with Rachel. I walked away from each session with a sense of new clarity and direction. When I came to Rachel I was in a state of low energy and stagnation. For the last 10 years all of my energy and focus had been on my children and business. Both are thriving now and I suddenly found myself at a point in life where I had to make many important decisions and hit roadblocks which seemed impossible to solve. Rachel helped me to break down these barriers and road blocks, and created a clear vision and direction for my future. It gave me the certainty I needed to move forward with important projects. I feel so much more energetic, but also calm and grounded, and I am thrilled with my progress. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Rachel to anyone who wants to break down barriers, reset and move forward into a more promising way. “

- R. Giorgioni, Wellington

"Rachel is a gifted coach. She was wise to see that as well as making practical goals and action points, I need the why front and center to keep me motivated. The way she guided and encouraged me was perfect. I feel confident and empowered after coaching with Rachel.


- Heather, 39, Palmerston North


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